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Call for information on outdoor storage.

(509) 310-3653

Office hours: 10 AM - 5 PM

Car or Camper Van Storage:

$ 10.-/night

$ 100.-/month


Boat storage up to 25':

$ 15.-/night

$ 125.-/month


Boat storage over 25':

$ 20.-/night

$ 150.-/month

RV storage up to 30':

$ 20.-/night

$ 150.-/month


RV storage over 30':

$ 20.-/night

$ 200.-/month

- Storage only considered with automatic monthly payments

charged to your credit card.

- We don't have insurance for your unit or belongings and strongly recommend you take out your own insurance.

- No living or working in your space

- Overall length is measured including ladder and bumper to hitch

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